Easy mobile payments for everyone

Transfer money to your friend, split expenses and pay by phone online or at a store.

Pivo can handle all this – and much more! Find your favourite feature. Download Pivo and join 1.2 million users.

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Easy mobile payments, best vouchers and services

  • Pay, split, request: Pivo only needs a phone number for money transfers. Simply select one or more recipients, enter the amount and send the payment.
  • Pay online: Pay easily, quickly and safely in thousands of webshops without your banking credentials or card number. Group your online purchases into one bill and divide it into as many parts you like.
  • Pay bills: Pay your bills with one swipe in the OmaPosti app.*
  • Best vouchers and services: Pivo provides access to many handy services – digital student card with thousands of student discounts, TableOnline restaurant reservations, popular CityShoppari 2020 vouchers and bus tickets for 10 cities already.
  • Track your spending: See where your money goes on Pivo’s spending view. Pivo automatically categorises your purchases and calculates your monthly and daily spending.*
  • Contactless payment by phone: Enable contactless payment on Pivo and pay with your phone at stores. Your purchases can even exceed €50.*

*Only for OP customers

A phone showing Pivo's main view.

Pivo user experiences

Pivo is already used by 1.2 million people and seven out of ten users would recommend Pivo to a friend.

This is what users say about Pivo

“Pivo has a very neat and modern overall look. It is easy to use and it speeds up making transfers. Great app!”

“CityShoppari and table reservations are nice extra tools for the daily life. My favourite, however, is to pay my friends with Pivo, because it makes life so much easier!”

“Sending money with Pivo is easy, so everyone who could use Pivo should download it.”

“A really easy, secure and fast way to transfer money.”

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Download Pivo for iPhone or Android from your app store.

Pivo is a free app that can be used by customers of all Finnish banks. To start using Pivo, you need online banking credentials and a payment card from a Finnish bank.

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